About Us

Open Chambers aims to empower SMEs, so that they are able to gain projects that would usually be out of reach

Open Chambers works in partnership with Value Chain Group - Project Practice Professionals (Vc3P). Together we are able to drive economic growth. This is achieved by connecting Small and Medium Enterprises to local, global, corporate, and government opportunities.

We pride ourselves in providing Small and Medium Enterprises with opportunities to obtain projects previously out of reach. The values we follow to provide this service are:




At Open Chambers, we have established Chapters across Australia. We are also expanding into new countries at a substantial rate. Which is enabling us to establish a global network of directors.

Open Chambers has established chapters across Australia
referrers receive monetary rewards

Our process rewards referrers monetarily while creating teams of local businesses around valuable contracts! View our Referral Reward System page to find out more.

We retain a percentage of all projects, which are then donated to local schools, sporting clubs, and community groups. Further enhancing the wider community offering.

Open Chambers supports the sommunity
Open chambers causes transactions to occur

We cause transactions to occur and provide a fairer marketplace for projects. This creates a platform where the Small to Medium Enterprise sector can punch above their weight by working collaboratively.

More than 80% of Australia's current workforce is employed by Small and Medium Enterprises. However, this sector in also highly marginalised in a global and local context. As a result, the downstream social impacts of empowering local business are tremendous. We are able to create prosperous and sustainable local communities, a legacy that can be enjoyed for many years to come!

If you have a general enquiry, please view our Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question or wish to speak with us, please contact us.