Meet the Board of Directors

Here at Open Chambers, we have a diverse and worthy Board of Directors. Each Board Member endeavours to assist with the executive of Open Chambers’ main aim. Which is increasing the speed and velocity of money circulation in communities, through the empowerment of Small and Medium Enterprises.

We strive to create prosperous and sustainable local communities, to be enjoyed for many years to come!

If you wish to find out more about a Board Member, please click their name to be directed to their LinkedIn profile. This also gives you they ability to connect with them directly.

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Anita Prka Đurašić - board member

Anita Prka Đurašić

Europe President

Anton Nekic - board member

Anton Nekic

Global Chairman

Marijan Gubic - board member

Marijan Gubic

Head of Finance and Global Legal Agreements

Kurtis Lamotte - board member

Kurtis Lamotte

Head of Finance and Open Chambers Strategy

Gihann Selvaduri - board member

Gihann Selvadurai

Head of Futures Technology Trends and New Projects Showstoppers

Rob Pacholek - member

Rob Pacholek

International Connector, Liaison, and Cultural Integration

Douglas Evans - board member

Douglas Evans

Head of Marketing

Miro Visic - member

Miro Visic

Governance Level Administration

Matthew Leonard - member

Matthew Leonard

Golden State Ventures – Capital Raise